Unleash the Best Bass Fishing Baits for June: Techniques, Colors, and Pro Tips for Success

As June rolls in, bass fishing enthusiasts gear up for exciting angling opportunities. To help you make the most of your fishing adventures, we've compiled a list of the top five bass fishing baits specifically tailored for June. From explosive topwater action to finesse presentations, these baits have proven their effectiveness time and time again. Join us as we delve into the details of each bait, including techniques, preferred colors, and optimal fishing times. Get ready to hook into some monster bass this June!


1. Topwater Frog:

Manufacturer: Spro

Model: Bronzeye Poppin Frog

How to Fish: Cast the Frog near weed beds, lily pads, or along the edges of vegetation. Retrieve with short, aggressive pops to imitate a struggling frog. Pause occasionally to mimic a resting or injured frog, enticing bass to strike.

Preferred Colors: Natural green, black, or brown patterns to resemble real frogs.

Best Time of Day: Early morning and late evening when bass are actively feeding near the surface.

Spro Bronzeye Poppin Frog Amazon Color

Pro Tip: Experiment with different cadences and retrieve speeds to find the presentation that triggers the most strikes. Sometimes, a slow, steady retrieve can be just as effective as an aggressive one.

2. Buzzbait:

Manufacturer: War Eagle

Model: Buzz Toad

How to Fish: Cast the Buzz Toad around cover, such as submerged grass, lily pads, or fallen trees. Retrieve the bait with a steady, medium-paced retrieve, creating a commotion on the water's surface. The buzzing noise and surface disturbance mimic a fleeing prey, enticing bass to strike.

Preferred Colors: Chartreuse, white, or black for high visibility in different water conditions.

Best Time of Day: Early morning and late afternoon when bass are actively feeding and looking for an easy meal near the surface.

War Eagle Buzz Toad

Pro Tip: Modify your buzzbait by adding a trailer hook to increase your hookup ratio. This can make a difference when bass are striking short or are slightly hesitant.

3. Flipping Jig:

Manufacturer: Winkhart Lures

Model: Black and Blue Flipping Jig

How to Fish: Target cover, such as vegetation, brush piles, or laydowns. Pitch or flip the jig into these areas, allowing it to fall freely. After the bait hits the bottom, hop or drag it slowly, imitating a crawfish or baitfish moving along the structure.

Preferred Colors: Black and blue for a realistic crawfish profile that stands out in murky or stained water.

Best Time of Day: Throughout the day, especially when the bass are holding tight to cover or in shaded areas.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different trailer options, such as a chunk-style trailer or a creature bait, to add bulk and increase the jig's profile. Vary the retrieval speed and cadence to find what triggers the most strikes.

4. Wacky Rig:

Manufacturer: Yum

Model: Dinger

How to Fish: Rig the Yum Dinger wacky-style by hooking it through the middle. Cast near visible cover, submerged vegetation, or drop-offs. Allow the bait to sink and flutter naturally. Use a subtle twitching or shaking motion to entice bass into biting.

Preferred Colors: Watermelon with red flake for a versatile and natural baitfish imitation.

Best Time of Day: Anytime throughout the day when bass are actively foraging near cover or in deeper water.

Yum Dinger Watermelon Red Flake

Pro Tip: Apply scent attractants or fish attractant sprays.

5. Square Bill Crankbait:

Manufacturer: Strike King

Model: KVD Square Bill

How to Fish: Cast the Square Bill Crankbait near shallow cover, such as rocks, stumps, or submerged vegetation. Use a steady retrieve with occasional pauses to imitate a fleeing baitfish. The square bill design allows the lure to deflect off obstacles, triggering reaction strikes from bass.

Preferred Colors: Chartreuse with black back, shad patterns, or crawfish imitations to mimic common prey.

Best Time of Day: Mid-morning and late afternoon when bass are actively feeding in shallow water.

Strike King KVD Squarebill

Pro Tip: Experiment with different retrieval speeds and depths to find the strike zone. If the bass are not aggressively hitting the crankbait, try deflections off structure or incorporating a stop-and-go retrieve to trigger reaction strikes.

As you head out on your bass fishing excursions in June, make sure to arm yourself with these five proven baits: Topwater Frog, Buzzbait, Flipping Jig, Wacky Rig, and the Square Bill Crankbait. Each bait offers a unique presentation and entices bass in different conditions and scenarios. Remember to adjust your techniques, color choices, and fishing times based on the specific conditions of your fishing location. And don't forget to utilize the pro tips provided to increase your chances of landing more fish. Tight lines and happy bass fishing this June!

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