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Green Pumpkin Flipping Jig

Green Pumpkin Flipping Jig

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Introducing our Green Pumpkin Flipping Jig, designed with the angler in mind who demands high-quality and exceptional performance. This jig is constructed with a hand-tied silicone skirt that produces a natural undulation in the water, attracting even the most finicky of fish. The green pumpkin color of the jig matches the color of the bass’ favorite forage, giving you an edge in the competition.

Our Flipping Jigs feature a premium Owner hook that is razor-sharp and strong, ensuring you can set the hook and reel in your catch with ease. The weed guard is designed to be tough yet flexible, preventing snags while still allowing for a natural presentation. The head of the jig is also designed to penetrate cover, allowing you to get to where the big fish are hiding.

The Green Pumpkin Flipping Jig comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, making it perfect for any body of water. Our jigs are hand-poured and painted in small batches, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality.

If you are looking to increase your chances of landing big fish in your next tournament, look no further than our Green Pumpkin Flipping Jig. Order yours today and experience the difference that Winkhart Lures can make in your fishing game.

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